About Me

Admiring the beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand

A world traveler with a camera who found HDR by accident. How awesome is that?

I stumbled upon HDR (High Dynamic Range) while searching online for photo ideas after purchasing my first DSLR camera. Little did I know that I would stumble upon the pioneer of HDR photography.  Trey Ratcliff’s web site, stuckincustoms, generates millions of views from HDR enthusiasts all over the world. I had the opportunity to attend Trey’s very first workshop in Austin, and learned a tremendous amount about HDR and its capabilities over a single weekend.  That was the beginning of a journey that has taken me to starting my own photography site.

I like HDR because to me, it’s the closest thing to a 3D picture. In a way, it is.  HDR is generated by combining 3 to 7 variations of the same photo, all at different exposures.  The end result just pops off the page and grabs your attention. You look at it, compare it to what it looked like before, and can’t help but say “WOW!”  To learn more about HDR, go here.

The key to HDR photos is that the ENTIRE photo is interesting. There is no such thing as underexposed or overexposed. It is all correctly exposed. That’s what’s so great about it, and it’s the main reason that I was convinced it is the photo of the future. As a testament, the iPhone camera now has an HDR option. It is definitely gaining mainstream traction.

I’m in love with HDR, and I hope to spread the good word, one picture at a time.

And if you want to follow my road to location independence, you can now check out Ken from LA, my brand new blog about travel, life, and getting out of the rat race.

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